Project Overview

To be published asap … i would urgently need funding.

Rough overview of related main projects / but there are far more:



1. Lifetool „How to reach the single One“

„Gamified Holistic Life Manager“ Life improvement, rising happiness, more balance & success in life basics, self-supported self-improvement, experienceable as a game.


2. „UniverCity“ ( Connect civic engagement and education, both formal and informal, wisely )

Open competition of co-education & connections to civic engagement.


3. „Senate“ or „Thing“ ( Co-Governance, up to global )

Module 1 ( Co-Mapping & Social Network ) was the access point for enabling this project.

Sepp Hasslberger: short description of Module 1 as post on P2PFoundation blog.

Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 08.45.59

Post on fb page: 1,

Post on Facebook page 2 ( unfortunately it goes directly to my private profile )


Related project:

3 D design Co-Education Project: Blender Learning Spaces

4. Traveling Transition Festival


Mostly „on the ground“ projects, describing the way I imagined to share all this since childhood, the way i want to live, connected projects, online and offline, visuals & music.

My plan was to finance the transition tour with workshops on the ground on seed saving and by and by other topics, and sales from the calendar with a fair license, for which i have created a start version that needs to elaborate how others, like me, will give away wins as creators.

Free Wall Calendar for Seed Saving: Seeds 4 All

I lost my bus and some other trouble, but still i  desire to live on a slowly traveling transition festival, co-create music and visuals and meaningful design with friends and cooperators. Sometimes staying with projects, sometimes more focussed on music creation or traveling, towards a new location for staying longer…


I plan and in phases worked on a novel since i started with the projects, which i for a long time  – and now again call(ed) – art projects….but at the same time they all are serious social change designs.

The whole i have been working on is a bundle of tools, ( to be) published as „Open Design Proposals“, which can together, help us to reach world peace and a sane cooperative humanity that regenerates the Earth and adds to fair abundance for All .

They can, if we build them wisely enough to overcome ego „by design“. „Systemic“, as Sepp Hasslberger described it lately.

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