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Imagine you are a courious Alien; Until recently, humanity was listed in the top rankings of “Highway To Collapse” in the “State of the Multiverse Report” on creative intelligence. But the newest report highlights…

„Knowledge is power. This power has been abused on planet Earth, to separate and prevent humans from being aware that they can co-create any reality they want bottom-up if they connect their hearts and minds. But with the emergence of the Internet, there are some developments that might make a trip there worthwhile…the great turning is finally possible, but they need to connect some more dots to empower what is approaching a critical mass“

Our realistic possibility to co-act effectively towards Abundance for ALL is enabled by free open source tools, designs, access to critical knowledge and (co)education; An empowered culture of sharing, especially sustainability knowledge – and a wealth of emerging transformative peer-to-peer or community projects, on the ground and online. Many of us have started to build a new, better, reality in the middle of the old one. A more sustainable, more fair, more connected, more loving one.

It is possible, but admittedly, we are still quite far from Abundance For All. To get there, we need to overcome separations, even between and within enabling aspects, in an attractive, inclusive and inspiring way. Empower the right approaches strategically. And finally, enable wise massive scale decision-making, which is a huge challenge. This website will introduce a number of related open integral design propoals I will publish to the Commons, which aim to enable just this on the long run, based on advanced mapping and advanced visualization.

What you want now, as „curious alien“  is direct access to the most crucial developments, organised by topic. You are critical, you don’t want to read a report, you want to know what is actually happening and how well those projects are evolving and connecting for maximum impact. (You expect them to take documentation serious, as the web is their medium for connecting to All

There is a lot to study, but indeed it all comes together here at P2PFoundation, but hard to access for „newbies“. Their project Commons Transition offers an introduction to their work.

Yet, if I was asked to recommend only one learning resource, this is it, and highlight the library „tools for change„, which you could find there too, if you want to be the change „on the ground“.

I will often refer to the crucial strategic work of the P2PFoundation and the Commons Strategies Group  in “connecting the dots” and empowering the huge amount of critical diverse but related improvement projects and movements with the same wholistic goal and perspective I share: Abundance for All.

You understand, that some critical projects are too complex to provide – or even in opposition to – „stylish appearances“, e.g because they feel frustrated due to the fact that on Earth, the most vain projects win the masses again and again with a shiny outfit; So they work to clarify the new path and contribute to connecting and empowering the core contributors strategically for a start. Be aware that they love beauty too. But we know, that form follows function….and they are currently developing the functions…


One key aspect is education.

“ Another core problem is the word „Education“. Many  humans have or had to attend institutions, which force(d) them to learn without following their heart and interests. Many forgot that learning is to follow their curiosity and inner calling, so they disconnected…“

But when humans meet the right critical access, on-spot, connected to Open Co-Learning and Co-creation spaces on the ground, this can change.

Module by module I will outline on this blog how we can connect informal and formal education directly to transitioning through integral open design.

You found a very early stage of this site, but are welcome to comment your thoughts and improvement suggestions for the initial „Education“ graphic here.

Dark red text elements are links to selected projects; please search the web for terms that are not yet linked.  The embedded info-graphic might take some seconds to load.


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