Topic Overview

“ From Exploitation to Co-Creating Abundance 4 All „


Below, you see an initial  infographic that gives an overview of the topics this website will cover. Together, they are at the core of humanities co-creations towards „Abundance 4 All“. There is a lot more to come, I will publish an integral strategy for empowering the commons-oriented economy and society by design, module by module, as open proposals to the Commons.


Meanwhile, before there is more to see, click and contribute to, please visit the page „Education“ for an initial introduction.

(Dark red items are links to selected projects or project collections. Infographic might take some seconds to load.  If you feel like commenting on the initial stage of this graphic, you are welcome to do so here.)

This space in the web will in essence be a „co-education“ project, but one that aims for the most  joyful ride I can imagine 4 All – no, it is not visible yet, where this is going……