Co-Mapping Our Transition & The Social Network We Truly Need (Module 1)

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Update: 27.12.2016:  Finally, a post that shortly introduces this project on P2PF (blog), for whom this Module was tailored to be promoted by to be realised : ) Thank you Dear Sepp Hasslberger ! 

Interim post #strategy #background 4 wholistic strategic transitioners: )

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A note: I do an art project on all the stealing instead of featuring and it will become big fun for All, visually supported :) :) :) – the funniest part are those who only pretend to feature correctly.


Transitioning: The path of co-creating Abundance For ALL – true fairness and true sustainability, a world where we all can thrive. 

Still wondering what #Transitioning is ? Keywords here. Visual Topic overview here

Transitioning is already happening – though still in its beginnings, most aspects are currently gaining relevance. Here you find a (free) book that is at the same time an Open Design Proposal ( Interface & functions elaborated) : it describes all aspects of transitioning in detail & how we can empower them strategically „by design“ – also urgently needed, to co-correct the pitfalls „within improvements“.

Link goes to a final draft of version 1 for now, eagerly waiting for your initial feedback – I will update this post and create a page for this module once the book is officially published. ( Post updated w. slideshow: 20.02.2016, small edits: 23.05.2016 )


The book you can download gives you a detailed overview of „the hands-on part of TRANSITIONING“, how it can become attractive and best facilitated for All.

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Module 1: Co-Mapping Our Transition & The Social Network We Truly Need“ describes a powerful yet simple (interface & participation) design, explained with detailed images, elaborated for kick-off, featuring, building upon and possibly connecting what is already there. Most powerful, if it is picked up and built by the Open Movement. (I believe in inspiration, us being „filters“, so please don’t mistake this description as exaggerated self-importance.)

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The book / open proposal gives you such a detailed introduction to and overview over the complex reality of transitioning, because I strongly believe that influential tools should explain all reasons for all design aspects in a way that is accessible for all. (A lot more could be said regarding Layer 2, Shared Spaces, which rather gives a targeted outlook, but that will be a focus of forthcoming Modules. )

If the proposed design is built, you don’t need to inform yourself about the big picture of transitioning and all its complex details anymore, you learn while you use, connect and contribute value. That was the implicit design goal.

Module 1: Co-Mapping Our Transition & The Social Network We Truly Need“ is the foundation for several of the tools I believe we all need for empowering and facilitating the hands-on-part of transitioning.

If you doubt the power and necessity of online tools, please ponder if transitioning and the related „awakening“ would be that far without web tools (and the sharing they enable) – though I agree that most of the work needs to be done on the ground, community-based and bottom-up. And the tools we use today are by far not yet what they could be, already.

I hope you enjoy to read Module 1 – not at all futuristic or utopian, mostly very to the ground and as to its foundations which would already be powerful: simple to realise. (Yet a very very very small part of the whole…which to some degree still would seem futuristic.  )

Dear Open Movement, please build it – dear rich ones, please finance it, ideally, it will help you to choose the strategically best projects to donate to.

You can support me by buying the book, which would be tremendously helpful, but everyone is welcome to download the pdf for free. #open


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